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Pathogenesis is a deck building game where players are bacterial pathogens attacking a human host.  The game is back on Kickstarter with a 2nd edition full reprint offering updates to game play and a new expansion, Pathogenesis - STD.

Pathogenesis 2.0 (2nd edition full reprint):  The immune system for the 2nd edition of Pathogenesis has been updated.  These updates include 4 immune system cards (4 copies of each) that are more consistently damaging than before as well as updated antibody tokens that have an attack value of their own.  The adaptive immune system response is now less volatile and even more dangerous than before!

Pathogenesis STD adds the fourth tract to the body, the Genitourinary tract, introducing pathogens, traits, and virulence factors appropriate for this area of the body. Further, keeping to the science, the Genitourinary tract has no toxin cards but instead a new mechanic has been introduced, Collateral Damage cards!

Collateral Damage cards add the damage from the immune system's attack against your pathogens to the damage your pathogens deal to the body if your pathogens survive the immune system's attack.

ALL QUALITY UPGRADES FROM THE FIRST CAMPAIGN ARE INCLUDED!  All of the completed quality upgrade stretch goals from the first campaign will be included in Pathogenesis 2.0!  These include the upgraded box thickness, UV spot coat on the box, custom box insert, black core cards, and linen finish. 

At this level we will develop an online tutorial (also mobile friendly) that will run you through your first several turns without any need to even open the rule book.  It will be like a friend there to teach you the game!   We know the rule book is long and it takes time to get into the game.  This online and mobile friendly tutorial will get you into playing the game fast!

Pathogenesis 2nd Edition

Pathogenesis STD Expansion

2.0 Update Pack


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Designed by Jamie & Loren Cunningham in partnership with scientific illustrator somersault:1824, Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players are bacterial pathogens attacking a human host.  The pathogens must survive the body's powerful immune response, adapt in an ever changing environment, and evolve to take on virulence factors to increase their attack, defense, and other abilities so that they may do enough damage to defeat the body before the human host becomes immune and all the players lose the game.

  • The game is highly scalable, allowing players to choose their level of difficulty and the length of the game they wish to play
  • Pathogenesis blends the feel of center-row style deck building games such as Star Realms and Ascension with mechanics base 100% on real science, simulating the roles of pathogens and the immune system at each phase of the game.
  • Modes of play include solo, competitive, cooperative, team play, and classroom.
  •  Who might like this game?  Avid gamers, fans of deck building games, medicine and science enthusiasts, teachers and students from high school to college level and beyond. 
  • 1-4 players.  Ages 14+  30-60 minutes

WIBAI Games is excited to support Educational Institutions and Retailers with special pricing during our Kickstarter campaign. We will treat Educational Institution and Retailer backers just like other backers in that they receive their rewards before we release games into distribution.  

If you are with an Educational Institution or Retailer please contact us at during the campaign for pricing information.

PATHOGENESIS CLASSROOM PACK:   The classroom pack may be divided so that 16 students can play at one time.  Students are divided into teams of two and each game uses 2 of the 4 body tracts.   Instructions for how to use Pathogenesis in the classroom can be found HERE. 

Dr. Jamie Cunningham, PhD is the brains behind Pathogenesis and together with her husband Loren, they are the designers of the game. Jamie is an Associate Professor of Biology. When teaching the immune system, textbooks cover the subject in pieces and her students never get to see the whole picture. Her goal for this game was to help her students see how the immune system works during an bacterial infection.  

Loren Cunningham is Jamie’s husband and partner in crime. Together they created Transylvania: Curses & Traitors that was successful on Kickstarter in 2014. Loren’s background is in business rather than science, so his job was to make sure that the game and its mechanics worked well for EVERYONE regardless of their background in biology. He also makes sure that the games get manufactured and shipped to your door on time.  

Scientific illustrator somersault18:24 is the artist and have partnered with WIBAI Games to bring art to the game that is scientifically accurate, yet re-imagined to achieve beautiful, eye-popping, images. somersault18:24 is run by the artists/scientists Luk Cox and Idoya Lahortiga. Both of them have a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and have set out on an ambitious journey to bridge the gap between the artistic visual arts and science. They excel in helping scientists and teachers to prepare easy-to-follow yet professional scientific illustrations.  

Thomas Deeny is the graphic designer for Pathogenesis. He specializes in game design and book layout. His layout work can be found in roleplaying games like John Wick Presents' 7th Sea, Atlas Games’ Unknown Armies and Over the Edge,  MCDM Production's Strongholds and Followers, and Modiphius Entertainment's Star Trek Adventures. His work on boardgames includes AEG’s Nightfall and Tempest line, and Tasty Minstrel Games’ Cthulhu Realms. He lives in a house in the middle of a spooky forest at the edge of civilization.

Available Rewards:

$65USD + Shipping



  • Pathogenesis 2.0 (2nd edition Base Game)
  • Pathogenesis STD Expansion
  • All base game and expansion stretch goals

Free shipping to: US, Canada, UK.

$24USD + Shipping


IF YOU ALREADY OWN THE BASE GAME: Get the expansion plus upgrade your base game to the 2nd edition rules with the 2.0 update pack! Includes all STD Expansion stretch goals.


  • STD Expansion and 2.0 update pack (the base game is required to play the expansion)

Free shipping to: US, Canada, UK.

$49USD + Shipping



  • Pathogenesis 2.0 (2nd edition Base Game)
  • All base game stretch goals

Free shipping to: US, Canada, UK.

$130USD + Shipping


For teachers using Pathogenesis in the classroom. The Classroom pack may be divided so that 16 students may play at one time!


  • TWO (2) copies of Pathogenesis 2.0 base game
  • TWO (2) copies of Pathogenesis STD Expansion
  • TWO (2) extra sets of starter cards
  • All base game and expansion stretch goals for each copy

Free shipping to: US, Canada, UK.

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